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This Carpenter’s Spirit Lives On Through His Machine

Friday, der 31. October 2014

In 1968, a man by the name of Alejandro de la Cruz Saucedo started a small family wood shop in the town of Jesus Maria, Mexico. With only a handmade circular saw and the premise of “Making Furniture with Conviction”, Alejandro set out to create incredible works of Rococo style furniture characterized by the superior


How To Optimize the Cut Quality of Your CNC WaterJet With SigmaNEST

Wednesday, der 22. October 2014

In CNC WaterJet cutting, when we refer to the feedrate, we’re talking about how fast the waterjet moves along the material per minute. The faster the waterjet moves, the more quickly it will cut the material, but with increased taper. The slower the waterjet moves, the slower it will cut, but the edge quality with greatly improve.


6 Reasons Why You Should Add a CNC Machine to Your Workflow [Infographic]

Thursday, der 16. October 2014

Looking to add a CNC machine to your workflow? Here’s a few reasons why it will benefit your business workflow and throughput. A CNC machine will lower your labor costs, increase productivity, reduce your scrap rate, and improve consistency, agility and adaptability to complex designs. Take a look at our infographic to get details on


What Are The Key Functions of a Plasma Electrode?

Wednesday, der 8. October 2014

With today’s long-life oxygen cutting technology, CNC plasma systems are the most productive, cost effective way to cut carbon steel from gauge to 1 1/4” thickness. But to get the highest performance, operators need to ensure the consumables in the torch are inspected and maintained to high standards. To do that, a good understanding of


What Does Modern Manufacturing Really Look Like?

Thursday, der 2. October 2014

The vast majority of American’s today have a very skewed outlook of what modern manufacturing really is. We often recollect images of rough, down trodden workers slaving away in hot, miserable conditions for hours on end until they are freed by the sound of the whistle. Ask any student today, “Would you rather work for

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