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November 2014 Archive

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The State of Plasma

Tuesday, der 18. November 2014

Article from FAB Shop Magazine. In the wake of an economic downturn and recovery, plasma – like the manufacturing industry as a whole  –  needs to change and adapt. To find out what particular challenges the industry’s facing as it seeks to do so, we talked to Hypertherm’s president, Evan Smith. FAB Shop: What’s the


Spindle, Toolholder Hygiene Checklist

Friday, der 7. November 2014

Article by Nicholas J. Korfas, found in Shop Metal Tech Magazine 8 Tips to maintain toolholder-machine spindle interface accuracy A minute chip floating in coolant swarf left to dry on a toolholder taper can become a serous interference at the machine tool spindle-toolholder interface. It can go undetected, causing slightly increased cutter runout(TIR) and diminished

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